MANCHESTER CITY v JUVENTUS Champions League is the competition we love to hate at times. As domestic games take their toll in terms of performances, players getting injured, resting our top players, hey, we’ll take that because we want our best, fit XI versing/beating the best in Europe. In this Champions League review is the game of the week, Manchester City v finalist of last … Continue reading CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

Sami Khedira Juventus

If there is one player in football who this and last season has not had a lot of luck, is World Cup winning midfielder, Champions League winner, Sami Khedira. Juventus are already 2 games into the season and have lost them both. Sadly, the performances reflect where they are standing on the table. Khedira is amongst a long list of transfers by Juventus as they … Continue reading Sami Khedira Juventus

Match Preview Inter Milan v Ac Milan

This is the derby of all derbies. It doesn’t get any better than Inter v AC Milan. This derby has brought us world class players v eachother. We are alking about Schevchenko, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Milito, Julio Cesar just to name a few on Inter’s side. Milan, Kaka, Robaldinho, Pirlo, Maldini, Inzaghi, Seedorf, Gattuso i mean, these guys are legends but when they went up against … Continue reading Match Preview Inter Milan v Ac Milan